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Wasatch Arms

Canik SFx RIVAL Compensator

Canik SFx RIVAL Compensator

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*Does not fit the Rival-S

Shoot Flat

Tame the recoil of your Canik with a frame-mounted Wasatch Arms Compensator.  The unique design and meticulously placed ports allow the gas to disperse more efficiently which helps stabilize your gun and significantly increase control.

Install It Yourself

Quickly and easily add or remove the comp in minutes by sliding it onto the picatinny rail and tightening the 4 screws. No need to purchase a threaded barrel or make any permanent modifications to your Canik. Easy on, easy off. 

Keep Your Light

Maintain the ability to add lights or accessories. The comp includes a standard built-in picatinny mount so you won't lose any valuable real estate on the front of your pistol.

  • Compatible with: Canik SFx RIVAL
  • Colors: RIVAL Dark Side Black, RIVAL Grey, Gold
  • Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Recommended Grain: 115-147
  • Rated for Standard and +P/+P+ Ammo
  • Factory slide, barrel, and frame required for proper installation

    Installation Video

    Results may vary depending on the handler. Wasatch Arms is not in any way responsible for the misuse of firearms or the results of such misuse. We highly recommend gun owners inspect parts and accessories frequently. This will help mitigate the possibility of accidents and malfunctions.

    California Prop. 65 Warning/ Cancer and Reproductive Harm /

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