About Us

First and Foremost, We Are Gun Owners

Owning a firearm is a right we are able to enjoy. That being said, prudence in gun ownership allows us to preserve the rights of others and uphold the values we revere. We started Wasatch Arms as a group of experienced carriers and owners who saw an opportunity to make a valuable difference. Our collective expertise allowed us to identify areas of improvement. We began to find that our high standards were not being met on the range or in the backland, and our gear was largely to blame. Needless to say, that has since changed and we are proud to provide high-performing tactical solutions and accessories to firearm owners near and far. 

We Are Tactical Enthusiasts (and Experts)

Hunting and target shooting are two long-standing pastimes for human beings all around the globe. Such passions have helped to form strong bonds between individuals as well strengthen their relationship with nature and the circle of life. In addition, firearms have been critical in the armed forces, law enforcement, and security for well over a century.   

Such an important part of our culture deserves the very best of us; not just our highest degree of respect and diligence, but also the best gear that we can get our hands on. For decades, we at Wasatch Arms have been honing our skills in making such parts, but always in the service of other businesses or companies. More than twenty years later, we have learned that the best way to ensure the quality of our products is to stop relying on other people to have our same standards of excellence or our eye for detail. It was clear that if we wanted more control over the parts we make, we needed to build our own brand and throw our reputations behind them. Today, you can expect that everything we sell has been painstakingly crafted by expert artisans with skin in the game.

Perfect for those who shoot for sport or for their livelihood, our solutions are designed to provide you with tactical advantage and comfort. This comes from knowing the difference between what works well and what works great. At Wasatch Arms, we strive for the latter in everything we do and every product we offer. Our tactical expertise speaks for itself, through our quality shooting gear.

We Are Advocates for Safety

With each firearm comes tremendous responsibility. Before firing a single round, every operator should be duly educated about the power in their hands. Safety is always first, and is something that both operator experience and the equipment used have a bearing on. Our dedication to safety is reflected by our tactical products. Offering world-class shooting gear, optics, tactical solutions, machined parts, and more, we aim to improve performance as well as safety. 

Delivering Quality and Functionality

We understand the frustrations of cheap and defective gear. We also understand the frustration of hefty costs associated with quality stuff. We saw a need to provide responsible firearm owners with the solutions they were looking for, at an affordable price. At Wasatch Arms, our mission is to provide the best tactical gear to the everyday gun owner. It’s that simple. 

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