Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my confirmation email?

Check your spam and junk inboxes if you don't see it after you've made your purchase. If you're sure you entered the right email and you still don't see it, reach out to us using the Contact Form.

Wondering if one of our compensators fits your gun?

Take a look at the product page description. In each product description there is a section that lets you know what guns the product is compatible with. If your gun isn't there, they are not compatible and we don't recommend using it on a different gun. We strongly suggest only trying our compensators on factory, out-of-the-box guns.

When will my items ship?

It normally takes us 7-10 business days to get orders out. Once shipped, you'll receive an email notification which will allow you to track the delivery.

Where can I get a holster that's compatible with Wasatch Arms compensators?

We don't offer holsters for most of our comps yet. Check out for various options and styles that are compatible with many of our Canik and Smith & Wesson comps.

Does Wasatch offer anything for P80's?

Currently, no. We don't recommend using any of our products on guns with after-market slides, barrels, or frames. Our compensators are especially designed to fit specific measurements on the OEM factory models they are made for.

How much torque is recommended?

We recommend 20 inch pounds of torque on each screw of the compensator

What are the allen wrench sizes/screw sizes for each product?

  • Compensator Side: 7/64 , 6-32
  • Compensator Bottom: 3/32 , 8-32
  • Thumb Rest, Optic Mount, and Mag Extensions: 1/16 , 6-32

Does Wasatch Arms ship to my country?

We have shipped our products and compensators all over Europe and the world with a lot of success. We are willing to ship them, but customers should research their local laws and regulations before purchasing and make sure what they order can get through Customs. If a product is ordered and Customs holds on to it indefinitely there's nothing we can do. If the product gets sent back to us we will issue a refund for the product. *We will not refund the shipping costs.