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Wasatch Arms

Canik Full Throttle Thumb Rest

Canik Full Throttle Thumb Rest

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*Patent Pending

*Wasatch Arms Compensator or Accessory Mount Required to Install Thumb Rest

*Right-handed thumb rest installs on the left side of the gun*

 Tame Recoil, Improve Speed and Accuracy

The adjustable thumb rest allows shooters to effectively overcome recoil, in a big way. This is done by creating a comfortable, spacious contact point for the user to apply direct counter pressure to the pistol's natural recoil path. By reducing the felt recoil the user is given more control over the firearm during discharge. The lower amounts of recoil produced by the thumb rest allow users to maintain a crisp clear sight picture and take faster follow-up shots with quicker target acquisitions. Just put your thumb on the gas pedal and try to keep up!

Maximum Grip

The Wasatch arms adjustable thumb rest creates more contact surface area for the shooter's support hand which decreases the likelihood of slippage during firearm discharge. The positive slope angle of the thumb rest locks the pistol in place and more evenly distributes grip pressure between both hands ensuring the firearm will remain in place while in use. 

Everyone Can Reach The Pedal

The Full Throttle Thumb Rest is capable of more than 1.5” of travel allowing it to be easily adjusted to comfortably fit shooters of all hand sizes. 

Absolute Precision and Durability

Machined from billet aluminum of the highest quality.  The thumb rest will excel even in the most demanding shooting environments.

Easy on Easy off

It doesn’t get any easier. Tighten a few screws and you're ready to start shooting. No modification to the firearm is required. Just as easily, remove the Thumb Rest to return to stock configuration.


  • Compatible with:
  • - All Wasatch Arms Canik Comps
  • Cerakote Colors:
  • - Black, FDE, Gold, Tungsten, Grey, Burnt Bronze
  • Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Installation Video
  • California Prop. 65 Warning/ Cancer and Reproductive Harm /

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