Glock 19 firearm barrel (close-up).

The Top 5 Must-Own Handgun Accessories

From Good to Great

As gun enthusiasts, we can all appreciate the positive impact that firearms have had on our country and on our lives. Not only are they instruments for our protection but they are also part of wonderful hobbies that have brought families and friends together for generations.

Like any hobby, be it artistic or sporty or intellectual, a gun challenges the user to improve their technique in nearly every aspect. An expert shooter, for instance, will be able to tell a novice how to improve their grip on the gun, how they draw it into a firing stance, how to aim properly, how to pull the trigger, and how to manage recoil. Then there are the other aspects of gun handling like range etiquette and gun safety that must be reinforced every time the firearm leaves its case, no matter the aptitude of the shooter.

While there is something to be said for the person who can confidently and masterfully handle a firearm without any shooting accessories, most people (even the professionals) appreciate the help that such products offer. For over a century, man has been finding ways to make shooting easier and more enjoyable and these accessories represent the best of the best.

A Gun Owner’s Best Friends

Gun accessories are made to make gun ownership easier. As such, they generally fall into three categories, each important in its own right:

  • Improving Storage
  • Easier Upkeep
  • More Accurate Firing

The latter category usually gets all the attention and for good reason; people want to feel more confident in their shot placement when they draw their firearm, not less. For that purpose, the shooting accessories business is booming with companies like Wasatch Arms offering better attachments — like a Glock compensator or an extended magazine — at better prices.

It is important not to neglect the role that the other categories of accessories play in gun ownership, however. This list will include picks from each and hopefully, you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed.

#1 — A Compensator

We mentioned the Glock compensator earlier on purpose: every handgun needs a muzzle attachment for improved shooting. Thanks to the buildup of gasses and fire produced when the firing pin hits the bullet charge, the gun’s recoil will raise the barrel of the firearm and make rapid-firing accuracy more difficult with every successive shot. 

A compensator offers more places for those gasses to go by venting them earlier so they don’t have to exit the front of the barrel.

#2 — A Pistol Case

As helpful as a holster is, which keeps the firearm secure against your hip or leg and makes concealed carrying more of a possibility, the pistol case is the ultimate all-in-one accessory. Outfitted with a hard shell or canvas exterior and a snug foam interior, a gun case makes transporting your firearms easy and safe, especially on commercial transit where luggage must be stowed.

Many of the most popular pistol cases today come with extra pockets in which to carry ammunition or various cleaning instruments.

#3 — A Multitool

Cleaning and servicing your handgun is a ritual that should be completed fairly regularly; the experts agree that a basic cleaning should take place after firing 300 rounds or so, with a more extensive deep cleaning after 3,000 rounds. A multitool is designed to help deal with disassembly, cleaning, and on-the-fly repairs.

#4 — A Magazine Loader

Loading magazines can be a monotonous task each time you want to go shooting and the sore thumbs of a new shooter quickly become a way of life. Magazine loaders help save time and energy by streamlining the process. While there are universal loaders for pistols that you can find, there are options made especially for the Glock that would compliment your compensator nicely.

#5 — A Handgun Magnet

Perhaps you’ve got a vault where you keep all your firearms but it’s filling up fast with the other shotguns or rifles you’ve got. Shelf space is tight with all the ammunition and other shooting accessories placed on top, but the underside of the shelf is completely free from which to hang your pistols.

A handgun magnet works wonders in these situations. Not only does it make for easy storage but it also makes grabbing the gun easier in moments of self-defense.

Wasatch Arms has great accessories for rifles and handguns with more coming soon. Please return often to catch deals and new additions as they arrive.

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