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The 5 Best Handgun Manufacturers

The Best of the Best

Gun ownership is a privilege that is only getting more popular with each passing year. According to the country’s leading statisticians, more than 40% of all households in the United States reported owning at least one firearm in 2020. The statistics don’t end there.

  • Over 50% of men report having grown up in a gun-owning household
  • Nearly 20% of all gun owners carry one on their person every day
  • Over 60% of registered Republicans live in a gun-owning home, as does over 30% of registered Democrats

More people are purchasing guns every year, as well, which means that people from all walks of life and every political background and domestic upbringing are interested in registering a firearm to their name. 

This fervor for gun purchasing has led many to search for the best firearm manufacturers as well as the best shooting accessories to go along with their new purchase. As providers of some of the finest Glock compensators on the market, we at Wasatch Arms can point you in the right direction in terms of the best gunmakers in the world today.

The Top 5 Handgun Makers

In today’s market, the high demand for gun ownership has fallen largely on the shoulders of handgun manufacturers. The handgun is portable, easily customizable, and can vary in caliber from a simple .22 to a .44 or higher. That means that there’s a gun with any kind of stopping power you need.

Often the finest handguns are known synonymously with their makers, and these five are famous around the world for their history and uncompromised craftsmanship.


The Glock’s storied history is one that we’ve documented here on our Wasatch Arms blog. From the humble workshop of a curtain-rod manufacturer to the holster of virtually every police officer and pistol-bearing citizen in the United States, the Glock is the most famous modern handgun in the world.

Its ease of use is matched only by its ubiquity, as there are countless shooting accessories made for the handgun, like our own Glock compensators. If you’re looking for something well-trusted and well-liked, Glock is the way to go.

Smith & Wesson

Known as the preferred law firm of the Wild West, S&W helped put law and order into the hands of sheriffs everywhere with the Model 1 revolver. No longer would shooters need to load a ball and gunpowder into the barrel of the gun with a ramrod, the Model 1 used cartridges to load bullets into the chamber.

Smith & Wesson is no less important today, making some of the finest handguns one can buy. When you buy an S&W gun, you are buying a brand that knows centuries of quality.


James Bond’s favorite Italian-made pistol until M forced him to take the Walther, the Beretta is a staple of international law enforcement. Their history is as action-filled as the latest Hollywood movie, as well. Beretta developed the very first submachine guns and saw their products used around the world in various conflicts.

Their handguns are some of the most sought-after pieces today for their smooth firing process and reliable stopping power.


A relative newcomer to the world of handguns, Canik is a Turkish brand that is currently skyrocketing in popularity, both in terms of domestic defense and competition shooting. The history of Canik firearms is interesting as well, sharing much of its DNA with Glock but in a kind of “remix” design. 

Not only are Caniks lauded for their performance but thanks to their streamlined look (eschewing Glock’s boxy frame) they are also considered one of the most beautiful looking handguns in production today.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.

Ruger pistols are a kind of “greatest hits” of many of the world’s most interesting handguns. Started in America after WWII, the Ruger Company based its earliest designs off of seized firearms from German and Japanese forces in the field. Today, Ruger is considered one of the apex semi-auto manufacturers in the world.

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