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Firearm Ownership 101

Great Power and Responsibility

There are few feelings more electrifying than holding a firearm in your hands. Almost immediately, you are made aware of its power and the relationship you have with its authority. As an implement of protection, it is unmatched; as a tool hunting, its authority is unparalleled; as a means of enriching your connection to friends and family, it teaches mighty lessons. 

Guns can be many things to many people; what they must never become is a toy or some other object that can be easily shrugged off. To own a gun is a huge responsibility.

And that’s really it. Of all the things gun owners should recognize, it is the unyielding responsibility that operating a firearm entails. Whether you are a seasoned gun enthusiast or relatively new on the scene, there are some laws of gun ownership that should be ironclad in the hearts and minds of every person. Before you start examining which shooting accessories work best with the model you have — be it a Glock compensator, a fluted bolt knob, or something else — reacquaint yourself with these important facts.

The Gun Owner’s Commandments

We mentioned how guns have authority, and it’s true. After all, when there’s one in the room everyone spares an eye to keep track of it, bullets always have the right of way, and they have the uncanny ability to add an exclamation point at the end of every sentence. Something with that kind of presence requires unimpeachable rules to govern it.

Let’s take a look at the most important ones, shall we?

The Big Four

There can be no discussion about important gun safety rules without mentioning the Big Four. These are the apex laws that should be tattooed on the brain of every person who owns or handles a gun. They are:

  • Treat a Gun Like It’s Always Loaded: Even if you removed the magazine and emptied the chamber yourself, you never know when someone might have slipped a round in. Working with this assumption could save someone’s life.
  • Never Point a Gun at Something Unless You’re Prepared to Pull the Trigger: Sorry, no games or jokes aloud here. If the gun barrel is up, that’s because it’s about to be fired.
  • Always Practice Safe Trigger Discipline: It doesn’t matter if you think the safety is on or not; never put your finger on the trigger or in the trigger guard unless you’re ready to shoot.
  • Have Proper Target Awareness: Always know what you’re shooting at and what’s behind the target.

  • These four laws alone will save you and everyone else around you from experiencing the worst day of your lives. When the gun is out of its case and in the hands of anyone, these are non-negotiable.

    Proper Storage

    What about when the gun is not out of its case? What if you’ve removed all the shooting accessories and you wish to store the firearm, the Glock compensator, and the bullets in a secure location? Well, we have a few essential pointers for that as well.

  • Invest in Secure Cases: There are numerous types of gun safes, cabinets, and armored cases. When storing your gun, you want them to be difficult to access for anyone who doesn’t have a key or know the combination. Guns aren’t just dangerous for curious kids, they’re a big target for burglars.
  • Keep Ammo Separate: This is an oldie but a goody. You want to make sure that your gun isn’t loaded when it’s stored. If you have a heavy-duty cabinet with a lock on it, then it’s okay to keep the ammunition nearby, but again, it should be difficult for anyone besides you to be able to fire the gun if they get a hold of it.
  • Take a Look at Trigger Locks: These locks are fairly affordable and accessible at most places that sell shooting accessories. They are also fairly self-explanatory — the lock keeps the trigger from being able to move, therefore keeping the gun from firing.

  • There are other rules that are good for gun owners to know, like how to properly hold a handgun or knowing the value of certain attachments (like a Glock compensator), but the rules we’ve gone over above are the most important. If you are itching to get yourself squared away with the best gun equipment money can buy, take a look at our Wasatch Arms shop today.

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